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Thursday, Nov. 10th at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant

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Shirley Oya



3 Secrets about Time Management No One Talks About

Most people wish they could do a better job of managing their time, but struggle with how to improve it. Do a Google search of time management and you’ll get 74,000,000 hits. So why is this topic still a challenge for many of us? The truth is, mastering time management (or anything we want to improve) begins as an inside job.

In this interactive talk we will explore:

  • Our beliefs about time and how they influence the way we use it
  • What neuroscience can teach us about how we think about time
  • Some new perspectives about how to approach time management

You’ll come away with new insights plus some practical tools to manage your time more effectively, in a way that works with your unique personal style

Thursday, November 10, 2016 5:30 PM  –  8:30 PM
Pacific Time

94th Aero Squadron
16320 Raymer Street
Van Nuys, California 91406

Dress Code
Business Casual Attire

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shirley Oya is an executive and life coach in practice for over a decade. Prior to this she enjoyed a long time career in public accounting. Shirley works with super smart executives and other top performers to up-level their people skills, maximize productivity, overcome burnout, and much more. Shirley’s customized approach helps clients quickly identify thoughts, habits and behaviors that no longer serve them. She coaches them to move from unproductive habitual behaviors to intentional and effective actions in order to achieve the success they desire. Her clients share how coaching has profoundly impacted their lives, many engaging her services multiple times. Shirley has a passion for study in the areas of neuroscience, wellness, and leadership, incorporating that knowledge into her work. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Larry Oya, and their two grown daughters.