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“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.”- St. Jerome

images (3)5 Tips to Becoming a better Thinker

Deepak Chopra’s has wonderful ideas on how to cope with and navigate through life. In one of his Pulse articles (LinkedIn) he shared some thoughtful ideas on how to become a better thinker.  

Use your brain efficiently – Reset your brain

  • Get adequate sleep every night
  • Close your eyes for 10 minutes every six hours or so
  • Stand up and move around once an hour to refresh the body


Check in on your state of mind – A Bad Moods Distorts Judgement

  • Know what your general mood is
  • Don’t deny to yourself that you happen to be in a certain moodimages (6)

 Don’t separate reason from emotion – All thinking is colored by emotions

  • Be aware of your emotions; don’t push them away
  • If you are affected by negative emotions, don’t make decisions until you have calmed down

Recognize bad thinking when it occurs- Several major categories

  • Conflicted thinking – unclear about the topic and how to clearly define the terms
  • Wishy-washy thinking – refusal to commit to a position
  • Hidebound thinking – familiar prejudices, biases, etc. that refuse to change
  • Blinkered thinking – not looking at things that make you uncomfortable; on purpose or unconsciously.

Develop a strong intuition – Trust the “aha” moments

  • Almost all creativity is based on intuition
  • The deepest source of the mind is totally intuitive
  • Meditate to develop your intuition

Using these tips coupled with stress management and healthy living can help further us in our endeavors. Summer is a geat time to realign our plans to meet our gols. Until next time “Strive to be the best and nothing less”  Kristi Toney

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Engaging Supply Management Networking Dinner

What is professionalism?

Does professionalism add value?

What are the attributes of a professional?

This program will highlight the importance of professionalism and attitude. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie in the field, this session will provide a hands-on approach for achieving a new level of professionalism. It will include a discussion of the meaning of professionalism, a review of the attributes of true professionals and a look at attitude and the role it plays in defining our character.

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