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ISM-SFV Spotlight | Supplier Night | Source Newsletter

ISM-SFV Suppliers Our suppliers support, sponsor and help grow ISM-SFV Supply Management members. They also frequently interact and network with our member professionals, and create new opportunities. Want to be our sponsor? 16th Annual Supplier Night 2017 Winning Supplier   ...
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The Source – Whistle While You Work!

(play while reading) There was an interesting article in the NY Times this morning about listening to music at work. In this article, The Power of Music, Tapped in a Cubicle, Dr. Amit Sood, a physician of integrative medicine with the...
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June 8 Supply Management Networking and Educational Dinner

Engaging Supply Management Networking Dinner What is professionalism? Does professionalism add value? What are the attributes of a professional? How do I get professionalism? What is Attitude? What is the difference between right and wrong attitudes? How can I develop...
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The Source: April 2016

  “The ability to make challenging decisions increases with experience.”- thinkbrilliantly.com   5 Ways to Reduce Stress Identify what is causing the stress. Think: What is contributing to my stress level? Once the root cause is identified plan a remedy...
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April 13, 2016 Supply Management Networking and Educational Dinner

Ready For Awesome Supply Management Networking Dinner Come hear Tony J. Conant, COO of ISM National, discuss the trends ISM National is seeing Young Leaders in the 21st Century Procurement Organization What skills current Employers are looking for in Supply...
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Developing an Effective Statement of Work

“Developing an Effective Statement of Work: Maximizing Supplier Performance” Merle W. Roberts, CPSM, C.P.M. Why the Statement of Work is So Important Things You Should Do in SOWs The Purposes of the Statement of Work (SOW) Things You Should NOT...
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