“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”- Joseph Campbell

Letting go or changing is the hardest thing to do. Let’s face it most people don’t like change and find it hard to let go. However change is the only thing that is constant so we MUST embrace change and let go. If you are frustrated with yourself or your life spend a little time examining the source of that feeling. If your skill set no longer fits the job you want, learn a new skill. Turn lemons into lemonade; a change of perception may reveal the silver lining in a bad situation. Channeling negative thoughts into positivity will allow you to vacate that fixation on your pain. Maybe you should metaphorically throw the issue away. Write it on a piece of paper, throw it away and move on.  Remember the power to manifest change or to let go comes from within ♥ Kristi Toney


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Tips and Trends on B2B Marketing and Social Media:

How to Succeed with B2B Marketing and Social Media in Supply Management Marketplace!

Presented by Sanjay Dalal CEO / Founder oGoing Marketing


Get Answers to some of these pressing B2B Supply Management Social Media Questions of the Day:images-10

1. How Can Social Media Be Used in the Supply Chain?
2. How Social Media can fix the B2B Digital Supply Chain?
3. What are the Top social media platforms for B2B product launch?
4. Why B2B products and services marketers are increasing their spend?
5. How B2B firms are reaping supply chain benefits from social media?
6. How to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and oGoing for B2B Marketing?

Sanjay Dalal is the CEO & founder of oGoing – Leading Social Network for Local Small Business
oGoing.com helps Small Business, Startups, Owners, Entrepreneurs, SMB and Service Providers

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